What if the Earth is conscious? What if it summoned us to embark on an evolutionary journey toward a Golden Age? Everything has a resonant frequency, including the earth. The planet’s magnetic field is fluctuating wildly, getting ready to flip polarities. Water Singers work together to achieve the resonant frequency necessary for Earth to reach the next level of evolution, but can they reach the critical mass they need soon enough?

The story of the Water Singers is set in southern Oregon, where Ruthee Morales discovers a hidden power, activated by the earth changes, she never imagined was within her. Ruthee is caught between the promise of the evolving world and the love of her estranged daughter who can’t go with her.

A tale of hope and redemption for these stressful times.

This is a tale of Visionary Fiction, a new genre packed with New Age, metaphysical stories of redemption, ascension, spiritual transformation, and consciousness expansion.

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